Corporate Culture

Public Services

(1)   Visit Hope Primary School

Before Teacher's Day, the Youth League General Branch of Pujiang Cable and the Youth League Committee of Ossen Group organized the youth to visit the Ossen Hope Primary School in Dangtu County, Maanshan City. The youth showed the highest respect and warm holiday greetings to the outstanding faculties.


(2)   Flood-fighting

This summer, floods occurred in many places of China. Our employees organized flood fighting teams and rushed to the front lines of flood, including Jiujiang and Maanshan. On the day of the flood fighting, employees inspected the dykes, built shelters and watched the scene, providing security guarantee to residents.


(3)   Employees volunteered to install sealing devices for Jian New Jinggangshan Bridge

Our employees volunteered to install sealing devices for the bridge since no one in Jian New Jinggangshan Bridge has the ability to install the aluminum sealing devices.


(4)   In response to the policy, actively participate in the theme activities of Employment Service Month

In September 2016, our company actively participated in the theme activities of Employment Service Month to solve the employment issues of college students and provide enterprises with talents.


(5)   Volunteer snow removal for the safety of people

On January 20, 2011, under the organization of the Youth League General Branch, our employees who were in freezing volunteered to remove the snow at the downstairs of the company. With the efforts of all the volunteers, the snow was quickly wiped out, providing an important security guarantee for the safety of both pedestrians and vehicles. The heavy snow melted away under the enthusiasm and passion of the volunteers from Pujiang Cable.


(6)   Lei Feng spirit lives on

On the 「Lei Feng Day」 in March, although it was rainy, volunteers were full of passion. Volunteers from our company assisted to maintain the parking order with patience and removed obstacles for people passing by. The volunteer activity was a great success. Although there is only a one-day 「Lei Feng Day」, Lei Feng spirit lives on.

(7)   Voluneer activity at Shangcheng Road Station, Shanghai

In June 2011, the volunteer team from Pujiang Cable carried out a one-month public service of station maintenance at Shangcheng Road Station on Shanghai Metro Line 9. During the service, the volunteers received praises from passengers and nearby residents with their warm and high-quality service, and showed respect to the Expo with practices.