Pujiang International Group Limited (2060.HK)


Pujiang International Group Limited (2060.HK) is a technology-based innovative manufacturing group focusing on the manufacture of bridge cables and prestressed materials. Since its establishment, the company has won numerous technological achievements, including 1 grand prize, 3 first prizes and 2 second prize of national scientific and technological awards, and has 169 registered patents. From 1991 to 2017, the company is the largest provider of bridge cables for the construction of super-long-span bridges in China and the third largest prestressed materials manufacturer in China, according to Frost & Sullivan. The company has participated in over 1,000 bridge projects globally, for instance, the 1915 Canakkale Bridge which will become the largest suspension bridge in the world upon completion; the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge; the Humen No. 2 Bridge and the Xihoumen Bridge, the two famous super-long-span suspension bridges in China. Those projects have won more than 50 national quality awards such as Zhan Tianyou Civil Engineering Award and China Construction Engineering Luban Award.